Monday, 25 March 2013

Super simple, super rich, protein chocolate sauce (3 ingredients!)

Cocoa has an array of benefits, it's pretty damn awesome to be honest. It's rich in anti-oxidants & flavonoids, & can help to improve one's insulin sensitivity, PLUS it makes choooocolaaaate. Yummy. Anyway, this chocolate sauce is so easy to make & it takes next to no time (under 1 minute). Not just for pancakes, oh no no, it can be drizzled or spread on ANYTHING.


1 tbsp 100% cocoa powder
1 tbsp chocolate whey protein powder
1/8 cup (3 tbspn) of Koko or other milk alternative.

Things to bear in mind before you begin to make the sauce:
If you want to leave out (or don't have any) chocolate whey protein powder then you may want to add some sweetener or the sauce might be bitter. Either way, you may want to add some sweetener but I think it's sweet enough with the whey.


1. Spoon the tablespoon of cocoa powder & the tablespoon of chocolate whey in to a bowl & stir.
2. Add the milk or milk alternative & mix (at first it will seem as though the mixture is not binding, but persevere you little munkies & it will begin to form a paste!).
3. If you prefer a thinner sauce-like consistency then you can add another tablespoon of milk to the mixture.
4. Drizzle or spread over anything & everything! Hehee.

Enjoy munkeys! :)


  1. Hi Shirley

    Can I use raw honey as a sweetener?

    P.s. loving your blog! So much so, I orgasm every time I visit it ;)

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