Sunday, 17 March 2013

Hey little munkeys..


My name is Shirley Darlington. I'm a child of the eighties, a big foodie enthusiast and a Parkour coach. I have been practicing Parkour since 2008 after 6 years of being completeeely sedentary. Parkour changed my life & definitely lit the fuse for a life-long passion for training. But my passion for FOOOOD has been growing since as far back as I can remember. ..I'm half Thai so food & eating has always been a big part of my culture.

My reeeal food & cooking journey started about 2 years ago when I decided to try out the Paleo diet. Changing my eating habits prompted me to become more creative in the kitchen. I couldn't BEAR the thought of food being boring (I assumed it would be..) - so I had to find a way to make it colourful & exciting but all the while simple. I'm about 90% Paleo now, I eat anything that could once swim, fly or walk, things that grow in trees and from the ground with the addition of jasmine rice, protein powder & chocolate (of course!). I tend to avoid legumes, all things gluten related, most things dairy, BOILED eggs - bleurgh.. & eating other humans of course!

I started this blog to share my passion, ideas & love for food, cooking & baking. I aim to make simple, clean food that is both nutritious and ALWAYS a pleasure to eat, and that's EXACTLY the way I like my food. I'll be posting some ideas for meals, snacks & desserts. I will also be posting random ramblings now & again, all things Parkour, training, travelling or nutrition related.

The idea behind Munkey Chews is basically Paleo inspired chews & treats for active monkeys! Whether you run, jump, climb, lift heavy stuff or just dance around the living room in the morning, good fuel is important. I LOVE the idea of simple, tasty nutrition. Today's nutrition fuels tomorrow's munkey.. I mean performance. Fuel your body well.

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