Sunday, 24 March 2013

Chocolate protein tart

Hey little munkeys, it's Saturday night & I had originally planned to post the recipe to my protein pancakes we had today pre-squat o'clock! But I made this little beauty this evening & I'm sorry pancake recipe but you've been pushed back & will be posted next in line! Ha!

Woweeeeeeee! This chocolate protein tart took under 15 minutes to make (not including cooling time) - & it was a spur of the moment thing that came out amazingly. Very happy.
So it's game night for Chris & the boys, & I always make some kind of snack/sweet treat for him to nibble on (really it's just an excuse to bake, hehee).. Half an hour before I was thinking about tart crusts, & although I adore my traditional pecan crust - that volume of nuts & dates aren't to be eaten on a daily basis.. healthy foods are not always 'fat loss foods' - everything in moderation & all that jazz. So, back to this tart.. I didn't have much time & I really wanted to come up with a way to make a simple, tasty, less nutty, hopefully crunchy crust & came up with this! Baking intuition baby, never fails.

As this was the first time I had made this tart I didn't plan on taking any pictures (as you may have realised by now I really enjoy sharing lots of step-by-step pictures with you guys..), so there are only some finished product pictures (trust me, I'm sad about that!). But I think that'll just be an excuse to make another version of this tart & share it again with you guys at later date! Ha! I think what I enjoyed the most about this tart, apart from the obvious chocolaty-ness, was the textures. You have the nut chunks in the crust, the chocolate chunks in the tart filling coupled with the mushiness of the fruit & the crunch of the chocolate on top once it has cooled properly. Yummy :)


For the crust
1 egg
1 tbsp ghee
1 tsp honey
70g almonds (think a huge handful)
3 tbsp coconut flour

For the chocolate tart filling
1 egg
1 tbsp coconut flour
1&1/2 scoops of chocolate whey (45g)
100g Green & blacks 70% chocolate
2 medium bananas
5 prunes
3 strawberries


For the crust
1. Crack the egg in to the food processor & blend until fully whisked.
2. Add the coconut flour & almonds, & blend (you want to keep chunks of almond by the way).
3. Add the ghee & honey, & blend until combined.
4. Use your fingers & press crust mixture in to silicone tart tray, if you don't have a silicone tray then make sure to grease your tart tin well (don't worry about washing the food processor at this stage, you'll be using it again in a minute for the tart filling).
5. Transfer the crust to the freezer whilst you prepare the rest of the chocolate tart.

For the chocolate tart filling
6. Preheat the oven to gas mark 4 (350 degrees F / 180 degrees C)
7. Crack the egg in to the food processor & blend until fully whisked.
8. Add the coconut flour, 1&1/2 bananas, prunes, all of the chocolate whey & blend until combined & fairly smooth.
9. Now add two thirds of the chocolate (roughly 70g) & blend until small chunks of chocolate still remain.
10. Take the crust out of the freezer & spoon the chocolate tart mixture on to the crust.
11. (Optional) Chop up the remaining banana & the strawberries & spread & place on top of the chocolate tart mixture.
12. Transfer to oven & bake for 9 minutes.
13. Take the tart out of the oven & place the remaining chocolate on top of the tart & transfer back to the turned off oven for 2 minutes to melt.
14. Use a knife or spatula to spread the melted chocolate all over the top of the tart.
15. Transfer to freezer to cool.

Enjoy munkeys! :)

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  1. never tried prunes in a dish before, but am now a big fan! and the tart tasted so good.

    thank you :)